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[Quality Control]  0.5μm High Repeatability

[Quality Control]
0.5μm High Repeatability

One of the great advantages of Metrol’s “Precision Positioning Switches” is “high repeatability”.
“Repeatability” is the range (R) which represents the difference between the maximum value and minimum value obtained from the variation in the signal point when the contacting part of the switch presses the detected object in 30 times...

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[Quality Control]  IP67 Water-proof structure

[Quality Control]
IP67 Water-proof structure

One of the features of Metrol’s “Precision Pisitioning Switches” is high water-proofness.
Metrol has been pursuing “water-proof sturucture” so that the switches can work in high accuracy without being damaged or affected by harsh environments where coolant and cutting chips exist...

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[History of Development]
The origin of Precision Positioning Switches

"Precision Positioning" - Essential for Manufacturing.

An industrial-use mechanism which supports work at manufacturing sites.
One of the most essential elements when it comes to improving product quality and productivity is 'positioning'.

Precision positioning can be extremely difficult to achieve, even with the latest digital technologies...

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Little Big Heros behind manufacturing.

[History of Development]
The world's smallest Positioning Switches

Ultra Small Size Positioning Switches [PT] are small heros who secretly support manufacturing all over the world by "precision positioning".

The first idea for PT-Touch Switches dates back to 2006.
Large-scale semiconductor device manufacturers called saying,
"The compact switches we currently use are problematic as they often break.
I want a tough yet compact and highly accurate switch."...

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New Touch Switch, CSHP.

[History of Development]
A switch that is both Waterproof and Robust

CS Touch Switch [CSH Series] makes it possible to support workpieces
from all directions.
The [H] in the model name stands for Japanese word "Henkaku",
which means "Angled touch".

Adopts a linear bushing bearing that is strong against vibration and shocks,
as a long-time selling product for Metrol...

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Φ4 World's Smallest Size.

[History of Development]
A Positioning Switch built into the Ball Plunger

Φ4 World's Smallest Size.
Every engineer who picks up the ball plunger switch [BP4S] wants to know "Will it really work?" 
That's how incredibly compact it is.

This stunner performs two roles in one, with a precision positioning switch incorporated in a ball plunger...

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